Hi there!

My name is Precious and for the past 1 year, I've been "KNEE DEEP" in eCommerce but in a totally different way.

I wasn't building another Shopify store and doing the same thing that one million others guys and their mothers are doing.

In fact, I've done eCom in a whole new way and the results I'm getting will embarass those big store owner.

1: I built eCom funnels instead of eCom stores (yep! no stores)

2: I sold 100% unique products --- this was my winning secret because literally no one else was selling the products I sold (total monopoly).

...and as a result I make a bucket-load of money, much more than the regular guys that run eCom stores and sell literally what everyone else is selling.

In fact, my method and the unique products I sell are so profitable that I "spend 300 bucks on ads and make back $6,439 in sales from 1 product in 1 day"

... insane ROI!

Get Access to BREAKTHROUGH eCom Products that Sell Like Wildfire but No Store Sells them...

Just 1 of these products made me $261k in 5 Months

3 Reasons Why Almost All Shopify Stores Fail & Why YOU TOO WILL FAIL if You Start an eCom Business Now...

So, if you're planning on starting an eCom business or you already have one and you want to be raking in at least $2,000 - $3,000 in Net Profits per day (not revenue) then pay attention because what I found when I ran a survey left me speechless...

91% of marketers only have never made a single eCom sale

Just recently before opening the eCom Weapons Cache, we ran a survey and the results were embarrasing.

Only a tiny 8.7% of all the people who participated in the survey have made some money with eCom.

The remaining 91% are still struggling to make eCom sales.

Yes, a whooping 91%!  I know it sounds unbelievable but stay with me here because I have proof of this.

Wondering why everyone (including you) is failing even with all the many store builders, product research tools, and training courses out there?

There are 3 staggering reasons why 91% of marketers online have not succeeded with eCom and if you don't avoid these 3 things like plague, you're doomed to fail.

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Here's the truth...

The first time I tried to run Shopify store after buying a $1,997 training course from one eCommerce guru and applying everything he taught, it BOMBED!

Yep, right before my very eyes... everything I tried went down the drain, I bought all the plugins and add-ons, I blew money on ads and yet nothing... nada.

I thought I was alone until I started seeing horrible stories of people stranded, frustrated and going broke trying to run an eCom store and all these posts are right inside their forum so you can bet it's not fluke.

2: Everybody is selling for pennies... FORGET those self-acclaimed eCom millionaires.

Listen, I will be direct... I've seen some pretty big names in the game who'll come on Facebook and post $150,000 in sales within 1 month and that sounds real appetizing, I mean it turns your eyes green with envy, and no doubt they made that much money but in revenue only (keyword: REVENUE).

When you see what their real net profit is, you'll actually be disgusted, you'll come to find out they're struggling to break even.

Shocked? Don't be...

You see the truth is 80% of the Shopify store owners out there sell what we call "Penny Products"... you know those $4, $3, $12, $19 products or "free + shipping"?

So, here's what really happens

If the store sold products at an average of $14, that means to generate $150,000, the owner would have sold approximately 10,714 products and that's when the problem begins.

Problem 1: Ad cost - in best case scenario, our store will be converting sales at $4.46/sale (cost per sale) and that’s if you’re really good at configuring stores.

Problem 2: Product cost & shipping - of course, you'll have to dropship the products, even if you run buy wholesale, the cost of product & shipping from the manufacturer/whole seller will set you back another $7 

Problem 3: Transaction fees - then you have to settle transactional fees usually 2.9% and some change which for a sale of $14 will be $0.41

Add that up and you have $11.87 --- hard expenses on a sale of $14 (profit only $2.13/sale)

Note that I've not even added up other miscellaneous costs like that VA, marketing tools you use and more.

So, for the so called revenue of an insane $150,000, the real profit is only $20,715 :( 

Sad right?

That exactly what is happening to a lot of eCom store but the gurus will never tell you because they want to sell you more Shopify spy tools haha.

1: Everybody is selling what you're selling even CHEAPER than you

This is the biggest problem of trying to sell on Shopify, everybody is using the same kinds of themes, the same plugins and selling the same products.

For example, take a look at this beautiful air humidifier selling for about $28, I mean it should be a hot seller for this guy right? WRONG...

More than 1,000 other Shopify stores are selling this exact same product and guess what, most of the stores sell it even cheaper than this guy.

You're forced to either sell at a price you'll be struggling to break even or go into loss like so many other people.

The truth is this 10,000 other guys are using the same Shopify and eCom spy tools that you have, so really everyone is just spying on everyone and there's really no secret anymore.

3: Stores get massive distraction

The hardest thing to do is trying to sell to a customer that's distracted, when you're selling, you need the customer focused on you and only you... nothing else. That is why building stores on Facebook don't work because there's so much distractions on there or trying to sell on Youtube, your audience will just click away to the next video, your best bet is to get them out of Youtube or Facebook and sell to them on your own site where there's no distraction and you have all their attention.

But unfortunately, it's not this way with eCom stores, the moment a visitor lands on your store, they get so many links flashing in their faces and they start click left and right on different links and you totally loose their attention, that's another sale lost.

You need your visitors to land on a page where the only option is Buy your product or BUY YOUR PRODUCT!

This is why no matter how hard you try, how many courses you buy or how many more eCom research tools you purchase, your next store is bound to FAIL especially if you're a beginner.

But what if I could show you how to flip the table and sell some closely-guarded "secret eCom products" where you'll have complete monopoly and generate over 1,000% ROI

These products are so hot in demand that customers will be begging you to sell it to them. If you sell any of these products, prepare to always run out of stock (even your supplier will be running out of stock... I know it sounds crazy but it has happened to us quite a few times).

These products are your "Golden Tickets" to eCom riches!

The ROI is out of this world..

I'm talking about products you'll buy for as low as $0.9 and sell them for as much as $69 with ad cost sitting at $2/sale (cost per sale).

Instead of talking too much, here's real live example of a product I'm selling for $59 right now, I buy it for just $1.49...

eCom Weapons Cache

I'm talking about total eCom monopoly, these products sell like wildfire yet almost no one knows about them, and you won't see them on those regular product research tools because we don't sell them with stores

And because this product is a hot seller plus I have complete monopoly over the product since literally there's no competition out there selling it, I just totally crush it.

Check this out...

$110.08 spent on ads... 32 pieces sold generating a revenue of $2,209 in 1 day

Oh, my ads is costing me a measly $2.34 per sale.

So, here's the math for every sale...

Product cost: $1.49

Ad cost: $2.34

Transaction fees: $2

Total expenses/sale = $5.83

Total revenue/sale = $69

Net Profit/sale = $63.2

So, for 32 products sold, my profit is $2,022.

If I sell 100 pieces, that's $6,320

If I sell 1,000 pieces, that's a whooping $63,200 in profits.

Guess what?

I see approximately 500 - 700 pieces of this single product per month so you do the math.

And that's just 1 product... my unique eCom monopoly tactics allow me to generate insane ROI from all my campaigns and have my products sell like wildfire.

Checkout this new product I just started testing few hours ago... it's already killing it.

$3.47 spent on ads  -- $235 in sales at $0.69/sale

$0.69 cost per sale on FB ads for a $47 eCom product... SAY WHAT?!?

Freaking awesome, right? 

This is possible because we've penciled down a formula that makes our ads go viral instantly bringing in lots of "FREE traffic" and dropping our cost per click to unbelievably low rates.

And here's is the deal, today I want to help you truly succeed with eCommerce, I want you to start making as much as $2,000 - $5,000 in pure profits per day.

Unlike all the other eCom methods you've been taught, where you sell $24 product and only $2.8 is your profit, with my monopoly tactics, if you sell a $69 product, $63 will be your net profit so you do the math.

If you could generate just $2,300 sales daily from your eCom business, at least $1,500 - $2,000 will be your real net profit after all expenses (ads and product cost).

And here's the coolest part...

I'm not giving you another shitty eCom course or another over-hyped eCom software that will drive you back to the same rat-race you've been struggling to get out from, no... what I want to do for you is very unique.

I've never done this for anyone before!



Here's Exactly What You're Getting Inside

I want to handover my 6 figure per month eCom system to you including the exact products I'm selling plus my ad campaigns and more. All you'll have to do will just be copy and paste... no guesswork!

I'll give you the exact secret products I’m selling right now that makes me net profits of over $2,000/Day each, some of them have generated over $100,000 sales each in the few months alone.

These are what I call “Breakthrough eCom products” —- they are you’re golden tickets to eCom riches, sell them and you’ll always have more orders than you can handle.

And they’re so under the radar that literally no one else is selling them so you’ll have complete monopoly, conversions will be through the roof and ROI will be unbelievable.

You’ll also get access to my private agent that will source these products for you for pennies on the dollar and ready to dropship to your customers. Once you get into my eCom Weapons Cache program, I will personally introduce you to the agent.

Each of these products generate no less than $2k Net Profits per day (pure profits, not revenue). We source them at dirt-cheap rate of $0.7 - $1.49 per product and sell at $49 - $99 each.

10 Highest Grossing Breakthrough eCom Products

I will give you my entire Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for each of the products, the exact ad campaigns I’m running now that are killing it and all are 100% compliant, these ad campaigns are structured to go extremely viral and pull in a lots free traffic and of course sales, that’s why I get conversions as low as $0.69 per sale… it’s not luck, it’s pure science that I apply on my ads.

And I will give you these ads so there’s no guesswork, just take them and upload to Facebook & Instagram, run it and you’ll be sending me testimonial before this week is over.

I will also include my targeting setup for you in the ad campaigns, practically everything you need so you just upload and start profiting immediately

The FB Ads & Instagram Campaign of Each Product

And finally, one of our biggest secrets to eCom success is that we don't use stores, the conversion rates when using Shopify and other eCom stores are abysmal at best, we've come to discover how to crush eCom WITHOUT stores, we use funnels and landing pages. 

I will give you my eCom Monopoly Landing Page, this is my best converting landing page, it’s been battle tested for the last 6 months and it’s consistently converted better than all my other landing pages. This landing page is responsible for over

60% of our entire eCom sales and we'll give you our

winning copy architecture as well.

It’s pretty much the only page I'm using in launching all my physical products now, the page literally eats up your traffic and turns it into sales.

7 Figure eCom Monopoly Landing Page Template

This is everything you need to build your own profitable eCom business... all done for you... no guesswork, no learning curve, no hoping if it will work, just COPY & PASTE.

This is your most guaranteed opportunity to experience success with eCom, buying another training course, or store spy software won't help you, what you need are battle tested done for you campaigns, just plug and play.

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As you already know our eCom tactics revolves around no stores and COMPLETE MONOPOLY.

So, we can only give very few people access to these Breakthrough products we're selling and the 6 figure ad campaigns behind each of them. That includes just you and 49 other people.

In total, only 50 people will be part of this inner circle and it's on first come, first serve basis, once 50 people join or the countdown timer reaches zero, we close and that's it.

As I write this very words, more than 400 people have reserved their slot to get the eCom Weapons Cache once we open and we only have 50 spaces available so this offer is very limited, it will be sold out pretty fast.

If you delay you miss out, any smart person knows that this is the "true" golden tickets to eCom success, getting the exact products, ad campaigns, landing page template that consistently generate over $60k net profits per month.

You'll never have to second guess yourself, you'll run a campaign with 100% confidence knowing it will rake in sales.

Regular price: $997

Only $297 Today

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Limited Offer! We Close Down Once 50 Kits Are Sold or the Timer Below Hits Zero...

eCom Weapons Cache

Go ahead and take action, I will see you on the inside...


If you have questions, email me to precious@ecomily.io

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